Monaco: Clément’s most beautiful motion

00:59Leverkusen: Xabi Alonso concerned for Diaby 00:43Monaco: Clément’s most beautiful motion 00:29Leverkusen: Xabi Alonso against by the end 00:22Monaco: Disasi saw a big mental 00:12Bara: Xavi sees Manchester United back 00:01Nantes: Kombouar believes in the feat 02/16Nantes: Lafont sees a good result, but… 02/16Rennes: Gnsio remains optimistic 02/16Juve: Allegri’s regrets 02/16Bara: source not available for Pedri? 02/16Nantes: Blas refuses to ignite 02/16C3: the results of the evening 02/16C4: the results of the evening 02/16C3: Leverkusen 2-3 Monaco (final) 02/16C3: Juventus 1-1 Nantes (final) 02/16PSG: executives unhappy with the summer transfer window 02/16VIDEO: Nantes’ express counter! 02/16Bara: Kound, a first since Mathieu 02/16OM: Decorative rongier the Tudor method 02/16Bara: Messi, impossible return? 02/16Nantes: the Ultras recall the entrance? 02/16VIDEO: Vlahovic already hurts Nantes 02/16PSG: Rothen lights up Neymar 02/16Bara: occult payments, the reaction of Tebas 02/16C3: Bara 2-2 Manchester United (final) 02/16C3: Shakhtar 2-1 Rennes (final) 02/16Nice: Digard does not pull the cover 02/16Chelsea: Potter retired Aubameyang 02/16C3: Juventus Turin-Nantes, the compositions 02/16C3: Leverkusen-Monaco, line-ups 02/16EdF: Samba stands ready 02/16Spain: F. Llorente ends his career (off.) 02/16PSG: for Di Meco, Neymar and Moque de Mbappé 02/16C3: Bara-Man Utd, line-ups 02/16PSG: Simons decides on a return 02/16Strasbourg: Antonetti reassured by his team 02/16C3: Shakhtar-Rennes, the compositions 02/16PSG: Malcom confirms contacts 02/16Juve: Milik still has to prove 02/16PSG: a return of Tuchel envisaged! 02/16Bara: very good shot in sight with Gndogan? 02/16PSG: Galtier on the bench until March 8? 02/16Nice: Beka Beka don’t give up 02/16PSG: Mbappé, a (very) careful management 02/16PSG: Doha still dreams of Zidane 02/16FFF: the fate of Le Grat studied on February 28 02/16Lille: Ambitious Ltang against PSG 02/16PSG: without Hakimi against Lille! 02/16Tottenham: Conte will take a rest 02/16Man City: the Grealish talisman 02/16PSG: a takeover of MU negative for the club? 02/16Real: Camavinga does not abdicate for La Liga 02/16USA: Henry remains unclear 02/16Lyon: Passi explains his role 02/16PSG: low chances of qualifying ‘Munich 02/16Chelsea: Joao Flix left to stay? 02/16Monaco: Diatta’s ambitions in C3 02/16PSG: Buffon does not doubt Donnarumma 02/16Rennes: its scarcity does not investigate Toko Ekambi 02/16Real: Kvaratskhelia in the viewfinder 02/16PSG: meanwhile, Neymar is playing poker 02/16PSG: Messi is no longer sure he wants to extend 02/16Man City: leader, Guardiola does not ignite 02/16Man City: an unprecedented stat for Guardiola 02/16EdF (f): Les Bleues dominating Denmark 02/16Dortmund: Terzic reconciles a bit of luck 02/16Real: Ancelotti congratulates Benzema 02/16LdC: the ranking of scorers 02/16PSG: the photographer, Ramos apologized 02/16Real: Benzema passes Ral 02/15Dortmund: the flattering stat ‘in defense 02/15Bruges: qualifying, Mignolet still believes in it! 02/15Man City: Arsenal, Holland savor 02/15Chelsea: Potter’s Disappointment 02/15Dortmund: BvB not unhappy according to Haller 02/15VIDEO: Arteta De Bruyne, it’s hot! 02/15Champions League: Dortmund 1-0 Chelsea (final) 02/15Esp. : Real and Benzema on a trip against Elche 02/15Champions League: Brugge 0-2 Benfica (final) 02/15Eng. : Man City offers the shock against Arsenal! 02/15Man Utd: Bara, a good test for Ten Hag 02/15PSG: a heater for Galtier! 02/15PSG: Chelsea place their pawns for Neymar! 02/15LdC: Bruges-Benfica, line-ups 02/15LdC: Dortmund-Chelsea, line-ups 02/15LdC: what bet tonight can carry over? 02/15FFF: Ouda-Castera invites Le Grat to the start 02/15Nantes: Sissoko’s ambition against Juve 02/15FFF: the damning report against Le Grat 02/15Lyon: Laaziri until 2027 (official) 02/15Bara: De Jong, Xavi savors 02/15PSG: Mbappé, a speech in the locker room 02/15Nantes: a notable absentee against Juve 02/15Miscellaneous: Ongenda bounces back in Romania (off.) 02/15Lyon: Passi will chain 02/15Friendly: a Morocco-Brazil match planned! 02/15VIDEO: When Ramos jostles a photographer 02/15Bavaria: Salihamidzic remains suspicious 02/15Lyon: Lukeba is inspired by Lovren 02/15Bara: an arbitration scandal in sight? 02/15Aston Villa: Martinez, on a hazy avenue 02/15PSG: Riolo brings in Neymar 02/15PSG: Mbappé, Riolo for a dive in Neymar 02/15Leipzig: the struggle continues for Diallo … 02/15PSG: a good muscle for Hakimi 02/15PSG: no chance according to Beye 02/15PSG: the foreign press did not appreciate 02/15Strasbourg: Le Scornet’s farewell message 02/15PSG: Mendes offside, angry Brisbois 02/15Bavaria: De Ligt talks about his role 02/15Milan: a relief for Diaz 02/15PSG: the Ciss double did not understand Galtier 02/15Man City: Guardiola, Cancelo calm things down 02/15Bavaria: Nagelsmann does not overwhelm Pavard 02/15PSG: D. Riolo – « Galtier is useless » 02/15PSG: Giresse frustrated by Neymar 02/15Bavaria: Coman, the talisman 02/15PSG: Mbappé’s cash speech 02/15PSG: Ramos lists the failures 02/15PSG: Mbappé, Choupo-Moting saw the euphoria

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER