Hungary: Mr. Rossi – “Varga is out of danger” – Football

Reassuring news. Released after a very worrying clash with opposing goalkeeper Angus Gunn (see yesterday’s brief 10:44 p.m.), during the Euro 2024 match against Scotland (1-0) this Sunday, the attack from Hungary Barnabas Varga (29 years old, 14 caps and 7 goals) does not see his vital prognosis compromised, but must declare a forfeit for the rest of the tournament (if it will continue soon for Hungary), according to his coach Marco Rossi.

“Barnabé was unconscious, his teammates were worried about him because the doctors took a long time to come, probably because they did not realize his condition. Now he is out of danger, assured the coach of the Magyars in press conference He suffers from a fracture here (he draws the orbital floor under the left eye. He will have surgery and will no longer be able to play in this Euro like this now he is doing well. but he is in a stable condition, we keep our fingers crossed that he comes back quickly, we fought for him, we wanted to win for him and we succeeded,” concluded. Rossi.

The Hungarians could qualify for the round of 16 if they finish among the four best 3rds (see yesterday’s news at 11:35 p.m.)!

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER