@lucasdigne will never reach the golden ball without better guidance

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Lucas Digne is a sportsman who does not have path and revelation to match his sportsmanlike green. His cursus goes through many desirable clubs in Spain with Barcelona FC, Premier League in England, Euro Cup in Europe and Champions League in Europe. Originally from LOSC in Lille, He accumulated starts for France as a youth player first then he became to the seniors for non-stake matches, games or essential games or he succeed capital passes and to scored. For 2022 and 2023 he is a starter for France and plays for Aston Villa FC.

But for all that his presence in the media is practically chemical and not at all to the extent of those of other players less brave than him who are evolving in first league. In a sport like soccer, which is the most adopted on the planet and which figures nearly 2 billion sportsmen and approximately 3000 teams, a sportsman like him could be a celebrity known by other champions, by The public,spectators, and by jet set.
But he is inopportunely not admired at its good importance. Since he left Lille to play for Paris Saint Germain, he is looked upon as assimilable to a vacant just useful to play for a friendly match thickness and at best condemned to veterate on the bench for France’s tests qualifiers when he is a starter. Yet in meetings played at Aston Villa Club in England, or as a starter with France, he is a athlete who makes capital passes, records a goal sometimes and receives relatively few yellow cards and almost red cards.

Why is Lucas Digne a athlete hidden by the public and unloved by press ?

Because he has a temperament closed and he does not have an pilot to guide him and make him grow in the way he is and lead his career.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER