France team: Maignan, the main news that air-conditions Ireland…

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France team: Maignan, the main news that air-conditions Ireland...

The incredible parade of Maignan!

After Thierry Henry’s famous handball in 2009, Ireland is in danger of having new nightmares following the handball – naturally this time – of French goalkeeper Mike Maignan, author of an exceptional save at the end of the match to ensure the victory of the France (1-0).

« The players have seen the images and are now aware of the whole story because some of them are young.Before facing the France team on Monday, the coach of Ireland, Stephen Kenny, had motivated his troops by broadcasting and a video showing in particular the famous hand of Thierry Henry in 2009.

A little over 13 years after this controversial hand which had deprived Ireland of the 2010 World Cup, and therefore sent the Blues to South Africa, the Irish have seen history repeat itself in a way with a new French hand coming ruin their evening. But, this time, it was well regulated.

Collins a’broken heart»

In a difficult evening for the Blues in Dublin, the French goalkeeper Mike Maignan allowed the French team to maintain their advantage thanks to a spectacular save at the end of the match on a header from Nathan Collins which took the path of the nets. « I saw the action again and it’s even worse than I thought, attributed the Wolverhampton defender. I went as high as I could, put some power in, but it’s an amazing save. (…) I am heartbroken for the guys too.»

After the final whistle, Didier Deschamps did not fail to thank his porter. « His saves allow us to keep the 3 points. Mike, it’s Mike. It’s not easy to take over from Hugo (Lloris), but he’s been with us for a while. He exudes a lot of strength“Rejoiced the coach of the France team at the microphone of TF1.

S. Kenny – “an exceptional stop»

For his part, Stephen Kenny could only bow to the exploit of Maignan. « We had a very good end to the game. And there is this stop at the end which is incredible, exceptional… I would have liked to come out of this meeting with a point.But « Magic Mike » said no. It is still too early to say, but this new « hand » of the Milanese could haunt Irish minds for a few more years if Ireland fails in the race to qualify for the next Euro…

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Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER