Eintracht Frankfurt: the transfer of Aouar this summer threatens to burst

In principle, this is a bad sign.

The guy is no longer up to a Lyon who is in 10th place in the table and who is therefore doing anything but well. Eintracht would be a new start for him and should be his new club out of sporting conviction. Here, however, we can read that it is not the sports rehabilitation that drives him, but the money. If you skip a few extra bucks, you go somewhere else, even against your initial belief.

I would say moderate athletic performance is a given here if money is his main motivation. How do you want to motivate him, once the salary
is contractually guaranteed?

So a so-called coup is suddenly a costly flop.

Get fickle when things get serious – for free.
Therefore, as Eintracht Frankfurt, I would issue an ultimatum and withdraw the offer if he did not want to accept it. The likelihood that the inner drive to the old accomplishments is still there can be challenged if he chooses his goal not based on sporting beliefs but based on the highest bidder.

The greatest potential is useless if it is not in your head. Someone who has been ruining his sporting reputation for two years just doesn’t get it.
With his current status, he must make purely sporting decisions to rehabilitate himself. That doesn’t mean it has to be Eintracht, but it all seems to be about the money.

If he makes a sporting decision and then leaves in optimal conditions, the interested parties will come with the big checkbooks and he will get a lot more out of them than he does now.
Unless you don’t think you can come back to it sportingly. So of course you must now
make the most of it. But he’s probably not the player Frankfurt hopes to have.
Then, you can also do without him and prefer to move towards another player, where it’s right in your head.

Especially when you don’t have a sheikh/oligarch/investor’s millions up your sleeve, the question of character is most crucial. And there, the alarm bells are ringing!

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER