Football: “We no longer know how to referee”, controversies continue between Ligue 1 clubs and referees

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In recent days, the names of the refereeing decisions on these matches by Ligue 1 clubs are not possible due to the use of VAR (video assistance refereeing).

“There have been several matches with refereeing errors while there is VAR. So, what is it for?” Last Friday, when OGC Nice had just been beaten on the pitch of Olympique Lyonnais at the opening of the 22nd day of Ligue 1, Jean-Paul Rivère expressed all his anger about the refereeing of the match , directed by Clément Turpin.

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The Nice president particularly regretted several situations which were turned in favor of the locals and not the Aiglons. At the end of the match, images of the latter trying to explain himself to the referee of the match were broadcast on social networks. « It’s the grave of my heart when I speak to a referee after a match, but also to the players in the game. It means: ‘Don’t touch me!’ Don’t point the finger at me!  » I would like him to explain, but he is untouchable. At some point, he (Turpin) has to come down again » Rivère also confided to Prime Video.

Cheating with VAR?

The Union of Elite (Site notre blog d’information) Referees (SAFE) regretted its attacks in a press release published the next day, calling for « calm » and demanding to be constructive « in the service of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) », the Team said on Tuesday 20 February that Stéphane Lannoy, the boss of professional referees, was in the hot seat due to an episode at the end of January where Olivier Létang, boss of LOSC, was furious following a decision and had expressed support for Lannoy.

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“Our daily life consists of debriefings which are carried out according to the name of the referee, referees who are more or less protected, situations where we are told that we can “cheat” more or less with the VAR to protect the colleague’s decision, particularly on offside… There are many examples,” a Ligue 1 referee told the sports daily. « Today, we no longer know how to referee. One day, we have to referee black and the next day white. It is not possible to continue like this » he added. The Team Indicate that for his part Stéphane Lannoy could leave his post before the end of the season.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER