Drinking from a funnel as the key to success?! Partybeast really starts

It was in the 31st minute of Wolsburg’s match against Eintracht that Lovro Majer somehow managed to place the ball in the goal as it fell. Kevin Trapp can deflect the Croatian newcomer’s shot to the side, but there is the man who wants to achieve everything. Jonas Wind makes it 1-0 and scores his second goal a little later.

These are the sixth and seventh goals of the season for the Dane and therefore more than during the entire past season. This time, he achieved it after just six match days. The Wolfsburg goalkeeper set a new club record, where Edin Dzeko, Grafite, Wout Weghorst and Diego Klimowicz also made mischief. But none of these top strikers managed to score seven goals after six match days.

It is not easy to see at first glance that Wind is currently one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga. There are no highlight videos of the striker on ‘YouTube’ in which he takes on dizzying opponents or delights the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) world with superb tricks; he is not a physical breaker like Boniface or Haaland nor is he remarkably fast.

After the first double against Heidenheim on the opening day, VfL general manager Schäfer joked: « Once he even won a running duel in the offensive zone, which made me smile. »

Image from the article: Funnel drinking as the key to success?!  Partybeast really starts

Wind is an instinctive attacker. In fact, he always stands correctly, holds the ball with his back to goal and attacks the ball intelligently and with great effort. He has the instinct to be in the right place at the right time. His oasis of well-being is the opposing penalty area. He has scored 17 of his 18 goals in the Bundesliga so far.

It was only this season that things really changed for the Dane. Because Lukas Nmecha injured his knee again, he started the season as an undisputed regular player. Last season, the Wolfsburg player injured his thigh during summer training and therefore took a while to get going. A recipe for success for the Dane: a modified summer preparation.

While he said in an interview on the club’s YouTube channel ahead of the 2022 summer break that he wanted to recharge, relax and fully focus on the new season after the season ends this summer, he took a different approach in . Instead of relaxation and total concentration, distraction, pleasure and alcohol were on the agenda.

On his Instagram profile, the Danish international posted a series of photos and videos from the party at the Danish music festival in Roskilde. He is seen, among other things, drinking with his sunglasses casually pushed into his freshly bleached hair. A tactic for drinking a lot of beer particularly quickly.

Source: Jonas Wind official Instagram profile

Jonas Wind was obviously having a lot of fun with his friends. But his festival lifestyle has also attracted critical comments: “Somehow he doesn’t behave like a professional (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er,” says one who apparently disagrees with the behavior of Wind. “Now,” the user writes, “that Marmoush is gone, we need him in great shape even more.”

And Wind returned to VfL in great shape. Kovać praised the Dane as being « physically very fit » at the start of Wolfsburg’s preparation. And Wind turned out to be in great shape. Wolves have scored nine goals so far. There has only been one event where the league whirlwind was not involved. The flexible striker has seven goals and one assist.

This is also due to the trust placed in the Dane. According to the « kicker », Kovać and general manager Marcel Schäfer were relaxed about their striker’s summer activities. After all, everyone can do whatever they want during their vacation.

Image from the article: Funnel drinking as the key to success?!  Partybeast really starts

The two VfL officials also know that Wind has a different attitude towards partying and drinking than his compatriot Nicklas Bendtner, with whom Schäfer played together a few years ago.

His coach also has a particular sympathy for the Dane because of his origins. “I love Scandinavians,” Kovać said. “They have a good attitude, a good mentality and they are very nice people. « Danish Dynamite ». This suits us perfectly.

Wind has big plans for the Wolves. After VfL lost the European places on the last day of the previous season against the already relegated Hertha, he was very disappointed. He really wants to play European. He said it himself: “We have a good young team with a lot of hunger. We want to qualify for Europe.

He himself does everything to make this dream come true. And who knows, maybe we’ll see the whole Wolfsburg team partying at a festival. After the season is always before the season.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER