The Blue Stars Marseille straight to the point!

Who to become champion of France

Sunday, on the side of Montpellier, the Blue Stars of Marseille became champions of France 2023 of Flag (Site notre blog d’information) by dominating Grenoble in the final.

The gray sky of Montpellier sunny with the joy of Marseille. On Saturday and Sunday, the eight best Flag (Site notre blog d’information) teams in France met in Hérault. More precision on the lands of the Domaine de Grammont, on the lands of the MHSC. Four in number, the Ile-de-France clubs were eagerly awaited. But this weekend of competition will have been full of surprises.

Final, no Ile-de-France club names on the podium! Very quickly, the Juggernautes of Paris and the Meteors of Fontenay-sous-Bois did not appear in the right tempo. They have to settle for 8th and 7th place respectively.

Finalists last year and at home this year, the Montpellier hurricanes hoped to triumph in 2023. This is not the case: disappointing in front of their public, the Héraultais are content with sixth place, far from the podium. Winners against Montpellier, the Molossians of Asnières-sur-Seine inherited 5th place.

Grenoble tried everything in the final

At the time of approaching the last four, they are therefore only four in the running for the title: the Blue Stars of Marseille, the Centaures of Grenoble, the Fenris of Dijon and The Flash of La Courneuve. There too, the surprises are there: it is the Phocaeans and especially the Isérois who punch their ticket for the grand final.

After the third place obtained by Dijon, place in the final. It was the Grenoble residents who opened the scoring (0-7), but the Marseillais remembered very quickly (7-7). The Centaurs are on the attack again (7-13), but the Phocaeans are not giving up (14-13 then 20-13). In this very lively final, the people of Isérois return in turn (20-19).

In the final, the Blue Stars should start with the break before the break (27-19). Phocéens who accentuate their lead (34-19) against Grenoble who try to compete (34-26). But it’s not enough against Marseille launched to victory (41-26). The Centaurs cling (41-33), but once again, the Phocaeans fly away (48-33).

The ultimate reaction of pride from Grenoble is not enough: 48-41 is the final score in favor of Marseille. The Blue Stars become French Flag champions… while waiting to double the bet on the American (Site notre blog d’information) side? Answer in a few weeks.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER