Start of the 3rd division season: Transfermarkt SV user review 07 Elversberg

Start of the 3rd division season Transfermarkt SV user review

Fan series for the 3rd division

With the help of the community, (Site notre blog d’information) will take a closer look at the 56 teams in the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga 3 in the coming weeks. Which players fans are most looking forward to, where is there room for improvement and what’s in the squad for 2022/23 for your favorite club? For this we asked around in the forums and collected feedback – in league three this continues with the user « Superfan » and SV 07 Elversberg.

How do you rate the SV Elversberg team?

The squad remained the same as last year except for the departure of a few additional players. I am very happy that we were able to keep Carlo Sickinger, because he increases the quality of the defensive midfielder enormously, which he already showed in the second half of the season, where he helped us to be promoted and to win the cup. Marcel Correia with his 33 years and the experience of 188 games in the 2nd Bundesliga is probably the biggest surprise among the newcomers for a promoted team. The question is: is he still helping us out constantly or does minor injuries mean he’ll be watching more?


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For me, however, Thore Jacobsen is the transfer king, as he is at his peak at 25 and has already played 145 games in the 3rd division. He and Correa bring qualities that we absolutely need. I just hope they stay in shape. In Tobias Mißner and Jannik Rochelt there are also two good guys from the regional league who want to show they have potential. Anton Ziegler, a talent from our own youth, who trained for a long time and was used in the Saarland Cup, also joined the team. With Daniel Panchenko, another young player was used in pre-season. Although he was supposed to play in the second team, he stood out in the first team test matches. Shortly before the start of the season, Lukas Pinckert, a 22-year-old right-back, was signed who got a taste of the third division at Viktoria Berlin last season.

Where do you see a need to catch up on deadline day?

Overall, I don’t think the team is in a bad position at the moment. But: In my opinion, we still need one or even two good and variable midfield players like Elias Abouchabaka, who has talent and would still fall under the U23 rule. We are still missing another centre-forward in attack, although it is difficult to get a good one here at the moment, since half of the 2nd and 3rd leagues are still looking for reinforcements there.

So we are missing at least two field players or even more if someone were to leave us. Here I see Felix Müller as a candidate, for example, because he was not even presented at the season opener in the stadium. But that’s the problem I and others have with sporting director Nils-Ole Book: we feel like we’re waiting for players to be offered to us. Also, there is a high risk of making mistakes when signing new arrivals if you bring in players who have had a number of injuries in the past.

What do you expect from the player aspect of the team?

As last year’s team has remained tight, I don’t expect many changes in terms of gameplay: we will continue to try to force the opponent to make mistakes through our pressing in order to change and counter -attack as quickly as possible. Here our fast players – fueled by good diagonal balls – could become a weapon. I hope it will work in the 3rd division too and that we will continue to see beautiful and goal-rich (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

BVB II dominate: 3rd Division’s most valuable players

13 Lion Semic – BVB II – Market value: €500,000

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As of July 18, 2022

12 Maximilian Dittgen – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €550,000

&copy imago images

11 Soufiane Messeguem – Ore Mountains Aue – Market value: €600,000

&copy imago images

9 Pascal Testroet – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €700,000

&copy imago images

9 Kevin Ehlers – Dynamo Dresden – market value: €700,000

&copy imago images

7 Bradley Fink – BVB II – market value: €750,000

&copy imago images

7 Soumaïla Coulibaly – BVB II – market value: €750,000

&copy imago images

5 Visar Musliu – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €800,000

&copy imago images

5 Merlin Röhl – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €800,000

&copy imago images

4 Abdoulaye Kamara – BVB II – market value: €1m

&copy imago images

3 Marcel Lotka – BVB II – market value: €1.3m

&copy imago images

2 Luca Unbehaun – BVB II – market value: €1.5m

&copy imago images

1 Jayden Braaf – BVB II – market value: €3m

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What does SV 07 Elversberg have in store for 2022/23?

Of course, as a promoted player, you aim to stay in the league, which was also mentioned by the club. From the fans’ point of view, I hope we can do it and not be relegated to the 3rd division like we did last time. Although it must be said that a lot has happened in terms of the stadium and the quality of the squad since relegation, which is why I tend to think that we can annoy one or the other opponent and the favorites of the promotion and thus create surprises throughout the season. At the end of the season, I trust the team to be in single digits if there are no injury problems.

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Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER