Shorts Revolutionaries for the Blue

A very tempting platter near Pau

Nike, blue equipment, a Monday devoured the new blue jerseys and shorts. A range of shorts has been developed to take into account the menstruation of players.

It’s a victory for the players of the France team. On Monday, the US equipment supplier unveiled the new Blue sets. From now on, Hervé Renard’s proteges will no longer play with white shorts. From now on, they will sport a blue, clear and matched bottom with the jersey when they evaluate in blue, plus some when the jersey is white. This will be interpreted this Friday against Colombia in Clermont-Ferrand.

“Professional female (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers play two 45-minute halves with no breaks or timeouts. Many of them told us that they could spend several minutes in the field worrying about having a period, underlines an executive of the equipment manufacturer, Jordana Katcher, quoted in the press release. When we introduced them to this innovation, they told us how grateful they were to be able to wear this confidence-inspiring short when they couldn’t leave the court. »

A problem taken into account in other disciplines

The subject of the rules had already been mentioned during the Euro in July 2022 when the English had asked their federation to no longer wear white shorts, which were too exposed to the risk of stains. “We are high level players and we know that unfortunately we have that. It’s part of our life. » reacted the tricolor captain, Wendie Renard.

In addition to (Site notre bureau spécialisé), other sports have also taken up this problem. This is the case of rugby, since the XV of Ireland plays during the Six Nations Tournament with blue shorts to avoid this problem. In tennis, the Wimbledon tournament will allow players to abandon the traditional white for the first time this year.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER