Raymond Domenech, a difficult separation in life

If he claims not to be bitter, Raymond Domenech had it bad after being dismissed from the president of Unecatef during its general assembly on Monday.

A page is on tour at the National Union of French (Site notre bureau spécialisé) coaches and technical executives. After the first meeting, Raymond Domenech was sent to the general assembly for mandate, the new director of the committee turning a snub for the former French coach since the list of his opponents was elected in its entirety and constitutes the new steering committee of the union.

While Bertrand Reuzeau, former director of the PSG or Monaco training center, was installed as president, Claude Le Roy, Jacky Bonnevay and Philippe Montanier, who led the revolt, were able to benefit from the masterstroke. Raymond Domenech, he accused the coup d’état, if he confided to me The “don’t be bitter” Team. “Succeeding in bringing together more than 300 people to bring renewal to the union is good, it’s democracy and it’s life,” he explained.

“A lot of people voted without knowing who they were eliminating”

“You would rather use this energy to serve the union pendant three times. Many have forgotten what the current team has done for them. I didn’t understand how to do it. I thought they would want to collaborate, see how to improve things… They never came to see us, to discuss,” he regretted, added: “A lot of people voted without knowing who they were eliminating. »

“They eliminated Éric Roy, the most representative coach at the moment, Nasser Larguet, one of the providers of positions in Saudi Arabia for French coaches, Jimmy Adjovi-Boco, at the forefront of Africa, Jacky Roche, who helped them all in many areas, Didier Christophe…, he continued. At the limit that they eliminate me, that’s the game. May destroy the skills and the representativeness of the UNECATEF, I find that strange. »

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER