OM: Diaz fatalistic for Longoria – Football

Currently 7th in Ligue 1 with 7 points behind 4th place before a decisive trip to Lille this Friday, Olympique de Marseille is in mid-season. If the name actually changes from the last one and the two entrants replace each other during the financial year, is Phocaean President Pablo Longoria the main person responsible for this situation? For RMC consultant Kvin Diaz, and part of the Spanish ensemble was invited.

« For several weeks I have been telling myself that despite the excellent work that Pablo Longoria has done, we may have to turn the page. There is also all the extra-sporting around Longoria. The tifo, the meeting at the start of the season, etc. next year. Even for him it’s going to be difficult. I have the impression that he needs a new adventure. And even if we have to start again in an eternal reconstruction, he maybe it’s necessary for OM, » said the former striker.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER