OM: Clauss, Di Meco doesn’t understand pass… – Football

At the back of the winter market, Olympique de Marseille is on Jonathan’s left side Clause (31 years old, 18 matches and 1 goal in L1 this season) on the transfer list because of his attitude. Consultant for RMC radio, Eric Di Meco cannot understand the strategy of the Marseille club.

“Given his status and the importance he has on the field, he is less good, you want to put pressure on him, you do not make a public outing in the press. It is even counterproductive to selling him, in relation to the message that you send to other clubs. If they do that, it’s because they want to sell. And if you want to sell one of your best players, or even your best, in any case the only French international OM, what does that mean? » asked the former Marseillais.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER