Official: Lars Stindl leaves Borussia Mönchengladbach

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This is a hit for all BMG fans.

Unfortunately, it was predictable, so it wasn’t really surprising. Even if LS can no longer rely on the achievements of recent years, they have achieved enormous things for the club. Legend!

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Stindl is the undisputed leader of this team, more than anyone in the BMG team. Despite his advanced age mmn one of the elementary supports of the Gladbach game, I see a departure from LS worse than Thuram, Sommer or Bensebaini, by far. For me, Stindl has been the best Gladbacher this season on any road, scored a lot of important goals and had an incredible impact on the pitch next to the ball (even more than Müller at Bayern).

But it is also the occasion for a new beginning, which will exist and must exist anyway. New leaders will emerge – Lars was also not an « aggressive leader », for example Hofmann could play a role similar to LS or Omlin or XY.

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Gladbach won’t be able to make up for this departure, I’m afraid Gladbach will (have to) play for relegation next year if they stick with Farke and don’t sell Kone this summer for at least 60m+.

Totally invented number except perhaps for Newcastle if they want to dominate PSG. Kone is not so good yet, so such lunar sums come together. Hopefully, it may replace Granit as the most expensive release. But think about it, you will be ready to talk about 30 to 35 million euros. Relegation or not will also depend on the interaction of the forces in place with the new players. It’s going to be a tough season, no doubt.

We need at least one, more likely two defensive ends, a new 9 and an 8. Hopefully Virkus delivers.

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Kudos to KSC (which should be his formative club) if Stindl really keeps kicking there. So you probably have the best player in the entire 2nd league.

If Stindl doesn’t massively collapse soon, or his body goes limp, he’s at least 3-4 years old at 2nd league level.

All the best Lars Stindl, he was a great kicker who is still at least suitable for the Bundesliga thumbs up

The last sentence sounds like he’s announcing the end of his career, but he’s still playing, only in league 2. But otherwise I agree with what you said, he’s a great guy and a great kicker.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER