Neymar loses an astronomical sum at the casino

PSG striker Neymar has lost the sum of one million euros during an online casino session.

Victim of a sprained right ankle with ligament damage against Losc on February 19, Neymar went to the pool table a fortnight ago in Qatar. Synonymous with end-of-season operation for the Brazilian striker, who can then indulge in his other passions, not gambling.

A big fan of poker, Neymar spent part of his day on Tuesday playing at the online casino, as part of a commercial partnership with Blaze, an operator which is not approved in France. A session broadcast on the Twitch channel. And obviously, the former Barcelonan was not in luck …

A million euros wasted

According to information disclosed by world, the « Ney » would have started with a million euros, a sum that could have been made available by his partner. And he finished his session with zero euros in his pocket… The former Barcelona is notably a big loser at roulette. Once his credit ran out, PSG number 10 pretended to cry. All about the film music titanic.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER