Montpellier: Savanier, loyalty above all

THE 11/16/2023 9:55 p.m.

Montpellier: Savanier, the fid

Tji Savanier in Montpellier in the world.

Essential since his arrival in the summer of 2019, Téji Savanier was sent to Montpellier. The middle offensive here is confirmed by the rejection of all offers in recent years.

Téji Savanier (31 years old) is probably a champion of France with the help of Olivier Giroud, Younès Belhanda or Vitorino Hilton in 2012. This is what he chose: the attacking midfielder left a mark in Montpellier, the club of his heart, the club of his city.

Lyon and Milan have their chance

Arriving in 2019 from Nîmes for 9.5 million euros, the player’s menu with 34 goals and 22 assists in 130 matches with the MHSC tunic was also able to join a more upscale club. But his heart told him not to give in to sirens other than the Mosson cells.

If you are in Lyon, if you are in Milan, this is the year we sign in Montpellier. It’s also important that my family progresses in my career. I could have earned a lot more money in Milan but I would have been unhappy. In Montpellier, I am there, I see everything in my neighborhood» , an indication from Montpellier for RMC.

Savanier has no regrets

The name of the team is visible on both sides as well as the ambitions at a pivotal moment in his career. “A lot of people around me were saying to go to Milan, but if I went there I wouldn’t have been okay without my family» , revealed the ex-Croco, who spends his summer vacation camping in Héraultaise with his family and friends.

Everyone talked to me about money but money doesn’t buy happiness. I don’t want to go back to school, I don’t want to pay anything in Montpellier, in the region, but I also have my family with my family, with my children. My son comes with me to training. For me, it’s the best thing to happen to me» , finished Savanier. An atypical profile in 2023.

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by Youcef TouaitiaTHE 11/16/2023 9:55 p.m.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER