Mainz and Bochum included?! These are currently the best players in Europe

You don’t have to think too long to determine the best strikers in Europe. The ones that hit the hardest are probably the best. Harry Kane currently leads the top 5 in the championships with 23 goals and can therefore rightly call himself the best striker in Europe.

But in other positions it is not so easy to find the best. Is the best midfielder the one who makes the best passes or the one who leaves the most opponents standing? Because the weighting of different statistics is also a subjective matter, we present here the statistics collected by “Opta” so that you can decide for yourself who you think is the best player in Europe based on a unique value or a good overall package.

It’s no surprise that most of the passes come from the engine room of Pep Guardiola’s Tiki-Taka team.

But what should scare all haters of Toni’s cross-field passes is that the man also successfully completes most of the long balls.

Surprisingly, among the creative minds there is both a man from Bochum and a man from Mainz.

But that’s not enough – at least not for the people of Mainz. Brajan Gruda is one of the best dribblers in Europe. And even in front of Leroy Sané.

None of the best ball carriers come from the Bundesliga.

Of course, these statistics are by no means everything needed to evaluate a player, but they nevertheless provide information on which players are currently the strongest. Which value or player surprises you here and who do you think is currently the best non-striker in Europe?

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER