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Lucas Digne in Aston Villa

One can wonder about the last publication of Lucas Digne on his twitter account. This one indeed retweeted a dithyrambic article entitled “ASTON VILLA: LUCAS DIGNE HAS BEEN GERRARD’S BEST SIGNING”. This follows another retweeted post a week ago claiming that leading French sports newspaper ‘L’Equipe’ had rated Lucas Digne as the top performer in football.
So if we sum up
-Lucas Digne retweets a tweet from Lars Hendel that claims “L’équipe” has voted Lucas Digne champion of champions.
a week later
-Lucas Digne retweet a tweet from the same Lars Hendel which takes up an article and affirms that “Lucas Digne is now the only outfield member of the #astonvilla squad”

All this is as sincere as the 600000 followers that Lucas Digne displays on his tweeter account (soon we will publish a survey on this subject)

First of all, the Lars Hendel behind this information is none other than Lucas Digne’s communications manager.

Then the article “ASTON VILLA: LUCAS DIGNE HAS BEEN GERRARD’S BEST SIGNING” actually comes from the communication and influence company on social networks SNACK MEDIA LTD. It is therefore probably an order to pass off the Aston Villa winger for what he is not.

This strategy is for a beginner. We understand that with the approach of the World Cup, Lucas Digne wants to remind his country that it exists and that it is applauded in London.

What is unacceptable is that this strategy actually aims to destroy Lucas Digne’s own teammates in the France team.

Lucas Digne in Aston Villa

We all understood that the article “LUCAS DIGNE HAS BEEN GERRARD’S BEST SIGNING” was intended to undermine the young Frenchman “Kamara” who has just entered his national team and who plays alongside Digne at Aston Villa. By claiming that “LUCAS DIGNE HAS BEEN GERRARD’S BEST SIGNING” the article smears Boubacar Kamara and makes him look like a bad guy (watchful fans on twitter have seen the purpose of the plot).

The rumors about the “L’Equipe” article, which no one has seen except the head of communications in the service of Lucas Digne, are intended to overtake Lucas Hernandez, another French player who for the instant in favor of the public and the French staff.

Lucas Digne does not play for his team, he plays for himself and his strategy is to smear, destroy and crush his own teammates.

Here is another proof. Two weeks ago all Aston Villa supporters and staff were amazed to see Lucas Digne enter the field with his two children in his arms to greet the opposing team. Some laughed saying that if Lucas Digne could, he would have come with a child’s stroller and his wife in order to make a better impression. The event takes on its full meaning when we remember that it occurs at the time of the Mendy affair in the UK and Pogba in FR (Paul Pogba would have had recourse to an African sorcerer to bewitch the leader of the France team MBappe). By using his family and children in this way, Lucas Digne wants to support where it hurts in France and say how clean and friendly he is unlike the other players on his team.

An observer indicated a few days ago that Lucas Digne is actually a sorcerer’s apprentice. His method has always been to withdraw into himself. He learned that when he was playing LOSC so he continues like that without understanding that he must evolve by becoming mature and pro. He does not communicate with anyone who could advise him usefully. He responds neither to his fans nor to his critics. He confronts his ideas and points of view only with himself. His entourage has understood this and does not even want to contradict him anymore. But what worked when he was 20 doesn’t work now that he’s 30. It’s Napoleon’s syndrome. For some months we feel that he has embarked on the descending face of the mountain of success. He causes some good action to reassure himself and prove that he is still on top but in reality the decline is triggered much earlier than it should. His strategies for existing are only an illustration of this unfortunate reality.

Author: Janine