L1: Uber Eats replaced by McDonald’s? -Soccer

After Orange (2002-2008), Conforama (2017-2020) and Uber Eats (since 2020), Ligue 1 will change its name starting next season, according to RMC journalist Daniel Riolo. This is the name of the American fast food restaurant McDonald’s, which is the name of the main champion of France!

“Uber Eats was the partner of Ligue 1 for 15 to 16 million euros per year. They did not want to continue this price. (…) And there, a file was deposited on the desk of Vincent Labrune ( the President of the LFP, editor’s note), with a summer round working on it. (…) It will be around 60 million euros over three years, it’s a nice increase », said the editorialist.

Ramen per year, this would effectively be a contract worth 20 million per season, or 33% more than what Uber Eats currently pays.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER