Karlsruher SC User Review: Don’t Expect Miracles

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Fan series for the 2nd league

With the help of the community, (Site notre blog d’information) will take a closer look at the 56 teams in the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga 3 in the coming weeks. Which players are fans most looking forward to, where is there room for improvement and what’s in the squad for 2022/23 for your favorite club? For this we asked around in the forums and collected evaluations – in the second league this continues with the user « turbine » and Karlsruher SC.

How do you rate the KSC team?

Now we had to do it and let it go. After his contract expired, Philipp Hofmann (29) fulfilled his dream of playing in the Premier League and moved to Bochum. However, there is no need to replace it – because these expectations usually go wrong. It is much more important to reposition yourself aggressively and competitively. The head strength and physique of the center of the storm was bought with Simone Rapp (29). Rapp is the only newcomer KSC has paid a fee for. At first he joined the long list of injuries with a herniated disc – but he made a quick comeback against Magdeburg. With Mikkel Kaufmann (21), quite recently at HSV, another striker was signed. A very interesting young player who has the potential to help us progress.

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The other departures of Robin Bormuth (IV), Fabio Kaufmann (RA) and Marc Lorenz (LA) have been at least suitably replaced. Marcel Franke came from Hannover for the central defense. Paul Nebel (on loan from Mainz) and Kelvin Arase (Rapid Wien) joined us for the flanks. KSC have to struggle with injury problems early on in the preparation. Three central defenders are currently injured in Christoph Kobald, Daniel O’Shaughnessy and Felix Irorere. Suddenly, the commitment of Florian Ballas was again followed. With Marius Gersbeck, Sebastian Jung and Kyoung-rok Choi, three holders are still missing.

Where do you see a need for improvement by the deadline?

The actual position of the team is difficult to classify from the fans’ point of view with only two games played. The start of the season will show if and how current injuries can be compensated. So far, of course, things have been rather bitter. Assuming that the hospital empties as soon as possible, a quality defensive midfielder would still do us good. A strong one-on-one player who keeps the place together. I dream of a « Godfried Aduobe 2.0 ».


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We are also starting the season a little shaky at right-back. « Sebi » Jung is still in advanced training so Marco Thiede is fixed for now. So far, however, he has not been spared injury. Daniel Brosinski has been training for some time at his old workplace to keep in shape. If it were up to me and the monetary area was clarified, he would already be wearing the KSC shirt. But yes, a lot of subjunctive.

With Hofmann: The top scorers in KSC history

15 – Rouwen Hennings | 37 goals for KSC

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Data current as of July 26, 2022

15 – Sergei Kiryakov | 37 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

15-Michael Harforth | 37 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

14 – Anton Fink | 38 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

13 – Sebastien Freis | 41 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

11 – Arno Glesius | 44 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

11 – Thomas Haessler | 44 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

9 – Gerhard Bold | 47 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

9 – Wild Horst | 47 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

8 – Philip Hofmann | 52 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

7 – Raimund Krauth | 55 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

6 – Stephen Gross | 56 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

5 – Rainer Krieg | 59 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

4 – Sean Dundee | 60 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

3 – Karl-Heinz Struth | 63 goals for KSC

&copy imago images

2 – Rainer Schütterle | 77 goals for KSC

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What do you expect from the player aspect of the team?

Christian Eichner wants to see more dominance on the pitch and is working on developing the game. However, there are also limitations due to the tight cash register. Above all, the playful classroom is more a financial question than a question of training. No one should expect miracles from (Site notre bureau spécialisé). It will be important to regain defensive stability on the pitch. Or quite simply: the number of goals conceded must be significantly reduced. If the team shows the will and the mentality to score points, then I don’t need ballet. It is enough that the yield is right at the end.

What’s in store for KSC in 2022/23?

The team is absolutely competitive for this league. However, the many injuries cause a bit of a stomach ache right from the start. This season it’s all about standing tall. Maybe we can even talk about the last transitional season. Because in the spring of 2023 the construction of the stadium should finally be completed and the main stand in particular should be put into service, which will result in financial opportunities that the club did not have before.

Either way, the team will tear apart and eventually achieve the goal of staying in the league. I am convinced of that. 15th place with a season where soothing tea and yoga can be done away with, I agree. Higher placements are welcome.

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Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER