Hertha BSC: Marton Dárdai chooses Hungary instead of DFB

I can say it over and over again when I read a post like this.
It is still a slap in the face for me, as a German and also for the German nation.
You grew up here, you trained as a (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er here, you are considered for the U national team and then you change associations.
I don’t think it’s about ‘love of country’.
The question is: which nation would be the smartest/which would best help me advance in my career?
Unfortunately, I always find things like this very difficult and worrying.
In fact, you should always play and perform for your nation with great pride and a sense of honor and not based on what would be most beneficial for your career, otherwise you would not « discuss » it with your family and your advisor. This shows that there are more tactical reasons for this.

It’s a shame, but I always find something like this very sad and it shows, for me, what Germany is for many people.
People are happy to take advantage of the training and the whole system behind it is changed as soon as they are good enough to be able to give something back to the nation.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER