from depression to her return to Les Bleues, the confidences of Amandine Henry


With the arrival of Hervé Renard at the head of the Bleues, the 34-year-old midfielder returned to the selection. And the smile too, after a difficult sequence on a sporting and moral level.

« « It’s a very difficult time… I’m in a desperate situation, it’s a moment of blues, a bit of depression. » This is the moment during which we enter, which corresponds to the sports management of Radio France, where Amandine Henry is part of its good humor. The game with 95 selections put words to the evil that ate away at him for several months.

« You have the chance to be part of my entourage with each other, but you can also have a fair recourse to a mental trainer to take care of you.Henry admits. Being followed is still a taboo but there is work being done and I think that today it is becoming essential.« 

Banned from Les Bleues by Corinne Deacon

A simple example: Amandine Henry, born in 2009 with Les Bleues, ostracized by Corinne Diacre, following a media war between the game and the selection of the fall 2020 book. An incomprehensible decision for the ex-captain, who has a tent, during the meeting of words on the ills which affected the France group. A period that lasts until the source of social relations is not helped.

« We are human beings above all. People forget that we have a heart. People will post comments and they will forget five minutes later, we will spend our evening and even more depressed. »

Amandine Henri

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And regret: « It’s impossible to do anything in 100% time, so you can choose everything perfectly. Sometimes it’s hard, because we want to do well, but we can’t and seeing negative comments, sometimes outside of (Site notre bureau spécialisé), sometimes it hurts« .

A difficult period which is particularly close to the heart of a mental trainer and these words: « It taught me a lot about myself. I’m growing out of it and if it were to happen to me again, I’m stronger. » And now able to help, if necessary, his colleagues in the event of a downturn. « I try, through my experience, to take on this role, to help my teammates, because in a career, it is impossible to have a career without glitches (smile), she explains. « I try to be as attentive as possible, but it’s an exchange. If you find something, it’s a ‘little one’ that I will raise the morality of. It’s also a matter of trust in the group, and I pay on a specific basis.« 

Hervé Renard, Henry’s Renaissance Man

If Amandine Henry returns to smiling, the elimination of the Angel City team in the American League play-off for Megan Rapinoe’s OL Reign (0-1), or the name of a man: Hervé Renard. « It could have arrived before, it would have helped us (laughs) », laughing with a big smile Henry. The national selection is based on the overall performance of the field environment. The changes are permanent and a selection for the World Cup, which the latter could not honor due to an injury.

But the latter did not let go. « I remember Hervé Renard saying: « It’s the coach who gives me the chance to join the French team, of which I am so proud, from which I suffer from injuries. » reminders, moved, Amandine Henry. « Of course, after the World Cup, I asked myself the question: is he going to call me back? (Laughs). That was the big surprise for me. I will give everything on the pitch to the coach.« 

And a return to Valenciennes in the Nations League, against Portugal (2-0) with a Renaissance-style entry into play: « It’s like a first time. You say that you are still alive, that you don’t have to worry about losing yourself again, and that you have everything you need to do to come back every time.« 

The Paris Games, “the apotheosis”

With the elimination of her son’s team, Amandine Henry returns without the club just like Next January. « I am open to all kinds of projects, so I am happy, I work all (laughs) », slips the one who is not overly worried about her contractual situation, « a wealth problem« .

But Amandine Henry intends to find a club to continue her good momentum, with of course her sights set on the Paris Olympic Games. « That’s what we said to each other with Wendie (Fox) and Eugenie (The summer), we are lucky to be in this generation where we had the opportunity to participate in a World Cup in France, in the Olympics in France, for us it is the holy grail», Announces Amandine Henry, before concluding: “We are still looking for that first title, so why not in our country? It would truly be the apotheosis.« 

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER