French women’s team. Captain Wendie Renard assures that there is « no problem » with the return of Kheira Hamraoui

The captain of the French women’s team Wendie Renard assured Tuesday that there was « no tension » in the locker room around the return of Kheira Hamraoui, who maintains cold relations with certain teammates. “There are no tensions. It’s been a while since she was in the group but today she is selected and there is no problem, ”supported the Lyon defense at a press conference in Changé (Mayenne) the day before. of France-Denmark at the opening of the Tournoi de France, a friendly event.

Relations still very tense with certain players

Recalled by coach Corinne Deacon after a year’s absence with Les Bleues, Hamraoui (33) a progressive found playing time at Paris Saint-Germain in recent months. But the attack of which she was the victim in November 2021, in troubled circumstances, made waves even in the PSG locker room, but at the time her partner Aminata Diallo was playing, present on the evening of the attack, suspected of the to have ordered and indicted in September.

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More than a year after the events, Hamraoui’s relations with certain teammates, such as Kadidiatou Diani, Marie-Antoinette Katoto (injured) or even Sandy Baltimore, remain icy.

« Me, I don’t personally get into the problems and I don’t have to comment on what’s going on, » played down Wendie Renard on Tuesday, when asked about her role as captain to ease possible tensions, five months before the World Cup. female (July 20 – August 20) in Australia and New Zealand. “The most important thing is that she gives her best on the pitch. She is an experienced player who can bring all her qualities. I stay on it”.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER