For female footballers, the question of rules is no longer offside

In 2019, halfway through the Women’s World Cup, which comes down to France, several players from the American team took a selfie around their star scorer, Alex Morgan. Gathered on the field during training, they held out four fingers. The uninitiated might have seen the ambition of the United States team – to win a fourth World Cup.

It was actually a much more intimate signal. Thanks to an avant-garde program in sports science, the (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers then knew that they were in the fourth phase of their menstrual cycle, a phase which can prove to be inauspicious to high-level sport. But thanks to a tailor-made program based on scientific work, the players of the women’s national team of soccer strove to gain the upper hand, both over their adversaries and over their own physiology.

The scheduled end of white shorts

And it worked. One player even sent the selfie to Dawn Scott, who was the team’s physical trainer at the time, with this challenging message: « Phase 4 – we don’t care anymore. » Co-captain Megan Rapinoe then stripped the nail in a tweet: “We don’t have any rules. etc You might as well do everything possible to optimize its performance.

For the 2019 World Cup, the United States team was a pioneer in monitoring and adapting to the menstrual cycle, and this undoubtedly contributed to its victory. Anxious to break the taboo that reigns on the subject, the Americans have made no secret of applying these cutting-edge techniques in sports science.

Since then, athletes from all disciplines have spoken more and more openly about the links between menstruation and athletic performance. Two-time world surfing champion Tyler Wright has revealed that she had to be hospitalized before a competition because of unbearable doublers, while Mary Fowler, (Site notre bureau spécialisé) prodigy for the Australian selection and Manchester City, spoke recently about the need to break the taboo [dans un entretien au Guardian Australia].

At the start of 2023, the Irish women’s rugby team abandoned white shorts in favor of navy blue, for reasons of comfort during menstruation.[ellesontétéimitéesauprintempsparles(Site notre bureau spécialisé)[ellesontétéimitéesauprintempsparles(Site notre bureau spécialisé)

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER