Football in the country of Alençon. The Champfleur youth tournament held in Brittany

Football in the country of Alencon The Champfleur youth tournament

ES Champfleur Youth Tournament
The U11 and U13 categories are more suited to the honor of the competition. ©ES Champfleur

As a type of baguette: traditional. But also popular and appreciated. The success you ES Champfleur Youth Tournament no longer needs to be demonstrated. And the participation for this 21st edition, Saturday September 3, 2022, at champfleur (Sarthe), near Alençon, is confirmation.

Towards and Grand Slam?

“Last year, in the two categories U11 and U13, 34 teams were entered. This was the record since the creation of the event. but with 37 teams already registered this year, he is beaten. It’s a great satisfaction and it proves the quality of our tournament », shares, all smiles, Gaël « gauze » Étiemble, secretary and history of the Nord-Sarthe (Site notre bureau spécialisé) club.

Who pushes the ditty a little further by dreaming of a Grand Slam. A few days ago, he confided:

“With 20 teams, the U13 category is complete and we hope for the same figure for the U11 category. Which is quite possible because some training has been part of their intention to come. And, if that doesn’t materialize, we’ve got a few ‘B’ teams up for grabs. »

Gaël Étiemble, secretary of ES Champfleur(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>

If the achievement of such a level were constituted a firstand would confirm, a little more, the aura of this meeting, the reasons for its success are varied.

The first relates to its position in the calendaragainst the current of other events of the genre, and which avoids the tedious process of finding opponents to calibrate before the start of the championship.

A formula that pleases

Especially since the formula ensures, at a minimum, four matches of 10 minutes.
“There aren’t many, if any, back-to-school tournaments and that can actually be practical for the teams. This avoids having to look for friendly matches, ”confesses Vincent Guéranger, another stack in the organization.

“But there is also a caveat because some clubs have not given their defined and fixed squads, and there may be some surprises such as the absence of registered teams”

Vincent Guéranger, vice-president of ES Champfleur(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>

Hazards quickly swept away by the experience and know-how of a run-in of the organization. « The fact, too, that some of us have taken on roles in the management of the club’s youth teams helps. Especially when they are parents, « continues the vice-president of the Sarthois club. « There is a presence in the field and we are brought to rub shoulders more with the leaders of the other clubs, with whom we keep in contact.

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Without forgetting to honor invitations to participate in end-of-season gatherings. “We have taken part in quite a few tournaments and today we are being reciprocated. You should consider it possible to return the investment. »

Breton teams

Networking skillfully presented by President Nicoux’s troupe which will welcome, for the first time, two young teams from a club not from the Pays-de-Loire League or that of Normandy.

« For this edition, we will have the pleasure of welcoming two teams from the Saint-Malo club, which will be hosted by us. This is also a novelty. The presence of such a formation further increases the level of the tournament and confirms its quality. A tournament which is recognized and which pleases because the feedback is positive and the participants must all come back for the next edition. »

Vincent Gueranger(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>

And if, among all these reasons but still others, having kept the same guiding line since the first edition, namely the pleasure of getting together and sharing your same passion during a moment of conviviality, is it not not the one who sublimates others?

Saturday September 3, 2022 at the Édouard-Hervé stadium in Champfleur. Competition starts at 8:30 a.m.

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Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER