Football: Carole Dougé appointed general manager of AFC Compiègne

Football Carole Douge appointed general manager of AFC Compiegne

NATIONAL 3 – She succeeds Daddy Mayuma, who left this summer for personal reasons.

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The surprise departure from Compiègne this summer of Daddy Mayuma had left a void. True number 2 of the club, the ex-pro ensured wonderfully the link between the coach Djillali Bekkar, the president Philippe Tourre and the players.

Moreover, Mayuma seemed so irreplaceable that Tourre had announced that he would not replace him. Drinking that reality caught up with him:
There is indeed a lack. Djillali cannot do everything. Someone was needed, especially since I’m not there often (Editor’s note: the president of the AFC Compiègne spends part of the year in Corsica and practices successfully – he has just obtained a title of champion of France – motorboating). So I offered the job to Carole Dougé who has the necessary skills, know-how and lucidity. She will be #2.

Long-time director, formerly assistant coach of… Mayuma, with the reserve team and then the first, Carole Dougé has also, among other things, relaunched women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in Compiègne.

Better, she herself trained the girls who were aiming for the rise in Regional 2, just missed last season. A post that she must therefore cede:
I am in contact with a trainer outside the club, but as long as it is not settled, I will continue with the girls whose progress I will observe, anyway.
Because in manager-general there is “general” for her.

As such, Carole Dougé will invest in development.  »
During the first back-to-school steering committee, I stressed the need to find someone to replace Daddy and make the link between the components of the club, she points out. But I didn’t think of myself at all, especially since I’m already very busy. Or, several people then came to me to suggest that I take over from Daddy. It was flattering and it touched me.


Carole Dougé will also be able to rely on the advice of Mayuma  »
with whom I have kept in contact and whom I have on the telephone (note: Mayuma residence in Boulogne-sur-Mer)”.

Equally  »
very attached to the club as well as to the president
« and always determined »
to do lots of things for the development of the AFC
« , the former player who frequented Corinne Deacon in the national youth teams, will now focus first and foremost on helping Djilalli Bekkar to put the first team back on track after his more difficult than expected return to National 3. .

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Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER