Fenerbahce Szalai Auctions Autographed Shirt: Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief

Charity auction with transfer market

After the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, (Site notre blog d’information).com.tr launched a charity auction to help those affected. After Juan Mata kicked off with his signed Galatasaray shirt (at the auction), he now continues with Fenerbahçe defender Attila Szalai. Other auctions are planned to raise as much money as possible. For the 25-year-old Hungary international’s shirt, you can take part in the auction here, which ends on March 8, like Mata’s shirt. The TM team is passing on 100% of the profits directly to UNICEF aid after the earthquake.

Over 40,000 people lost their lives and over 100,000 were injured. In the tremors about a week ago, tens of thousands of buildings collapsed in southeastern Turkey alone. Efforts are being made across the region to improve devastating conditions on the ground for survivors. These will be continued under the coordination of the civil protection authority AFAD in cooperation with public institutions and bodies as well as NGOs.

Helpful people can not only help the injured and survivors of the disaster on the spot, but also with donations. These can be processed via virtualPOS, bank accounts and SMS at afad.gov.tr. Another overview of aid projects and donation options can also be found here.

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Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER