Cyril Hanouna insulted a former PSG player as a “sewer rat”

On the TPMP set, Cyril Hanouna tells us an anecdote about his former PSG player, described as a “sewer rat”.

The player has a huge amount of money and a fair amount of attention to spending. This is clearly the case for a former PSG… On the TPMP set, Cyril Hanouna recounted having been in negotiations with a player formerly with the capital club concerning the location of one of his properties. And the (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er, who has a budget that goes as far as the residents of the Parc des Princes, does not have to pay a small amount of money to pay for the location of the house, so that the deal can be concluded.

I’m talking about a little anecdote. He’s a little boy with a little (Site notre bureau spécialisé) player linked to PSG. A little boy still alive. I offered him the price, well my teams, the guy who takes care of that. PSG gives the player a summer to rent and he had to add a little to see the lease. The guy didn’t want to add anything. He said no, This concerns the presenter of the C8 channel.

The guy’s a sewer rat. »

And to add, without naming the player in question and making offensive propositions towards him: “PSG is having a summer, it’s a good summer, but it’s not a problem. You can get 15-20% plus PSG. You have nothing to do with the house. The guy’s a sewer rat. »

Relaunched by his columnists, Cyril Hanouna is indicated that it was a huge star, not French, and who is no longer at PSG today. “ French ? No, not French. (…) This match is not a plus for PSG. A very great player. Lionel’s appeal? I can’t say who it is, he’s gone. »

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER