cut off from the world The Argentine selection is repeated in a helicopter to fly over Buenos Aires, invaded by the crowd

Buenos Aires was nothing but a gigantic, disproportionate party on Tuesday, its avenues swollen with millions of Argentines, to commune with its world champions who returned in the night, for a victory parade that promised to be incandescent. And above all endless.

A bus journey that has become impossible

At 3:45 p.m. (France time) the bus of the now « tri-campeones » (triple world champions, editor’s note) degraded its parade from the headquarters of the Argentine Federation (AFA), and was to reach the Obelisk 32 km away, at the heart of the capital, the nerve center of the celebrations.

But 3 hours later, he had only traveled about ten kilometers, slowed down along the way by tens of thousands of supporters, a crowded tide of sky and white jerseys.

Progress by bus having become « impossible », only the terms of the Argentine presidency, the selection has you fly over the Argentine capital from a helicopter! Reason invoked: “an explosion of popular joy”.

Nearly 4 million people

From everywhere, from the suburbs of the capital, from the provinces, from Rosario 300 km away, they had come, sometimes left in the middle of the night, taking advantage of a day declared a public holiday to come and share the intoxication of the 3rd world title, and invaded the capital in the early hours of the morning. Its avenues, then various squares, access ramps…

Vertiginous crowd, which a source from the municipality estimated at more than 4 million, over the entire extent of the route, outside and inside the city of 3 million inhabitants (nearly 13 for the agglomeration).

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER