Consequence of the World Cup: Bierhoff resigns from the DFB!

After the second consecutive World Cup, Oliver Bierhoff in particular was criticized. The managing director of national teams and the academy has now drawn the consequences.

As the DFB announced in a statement on Monday evening, it had reached an early termination agreement with Bierhoff. Otherwise, the working document would have been valid until 2024.

Bierhoff worked for the German (Site notre blog d’information) Association for over 18 years. At first he acted as the manager of the national team, from 2018 he was the director of national teams and the academy. It was only that year that he was promoted to general manager.

« Oliver Bierhoff has done a great job for the DFB. Even if the last tournaments have not achieved the sporting goals, he is synonymous with great moments. His work will always be associated with the success of the World Cup in Brazil. Even in turbulent times he always pursued his goals and visions and left a lasting mark on the DFB I would like to thank Oliver Bierhoff on behalf of the DFB employees for all he has done for us and for (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in Germany, » said DFB boss Bernd Neuendorf.

Bierhoff himself also spoke on the association’s website: « My work has always been driven by the belief that I will do my best for the DFB and the national teams. The performance of the men’s national team at the World Championships in Russia and Qatar hurts me all the more. That’s why I don’t leave without the necessary self-criticism. Some decisions we believed in have not turned out to be the right ones. Nobody regrets it anymore than me. I take responsibility for that. »

The association has not yet announced a successor. According to the announcement, the DFB committees will discuss this first. Meanwhile, the ‘kicker’ reports that Fredi Bobic, managing director of Hertha BSC, is a possible candidate to succeed him.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER