BVB: Kehl wants to “quickly bring a decision” to Moukoko – create “clarity”.

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Such a quack, I would be very surprised if he stayed in Dortmund

Even if he stays, it’s only a matter of time before the drama picks up again. You need to get rid of the boy, if he keeps hitting you will be in trouble every transfer window.

I see it the same way.

What only surprises/surprises me is how strong the external influence of the counsellor, family (?) must be.
He came to Dortmund at the age of 12, spent most of his teenage years there and socialized in the community. A Geppert and a Terzic are probably responsible, if you look at his statements.

These two are now part of the professional coaching staff, he has a lot of game time after the rather unhappy Rose-Moukoko relationship, people rely on him in public, he takes a big step in development and yet he sees himself better elsewhere?

Strange in my eyes. Would you like to know what someone else suggested to him?

He sees himself on a similar level to Bellingham, who will also soon be gone…

So, it’s « time » for Mister to change, the boys of today are almost all money and fame.

And probably as soon as possible.

I think everyone here agrees that staying at Dortmund would be good for the boy, but if it’s such a ruckus now then I don’t want to know what’s going to happen if he really reaches the goal, even if it is extended.

Of course it means more money for the club, but I don’t like the signal it sends to future talent.

Come to Dortmund, play in the showcase and if you don’t feel like it anymore, make some noise and you can go… In my opinion, BVB have to be careful.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER