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Soon 38, Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Saudi Arabia and Al-Nassr on a 200 million euro per season contract, which runs until 2025. The Portuguese, who says he has received offers in Europe, has left his end of career?

Al-Nassr: Did Ronaldo g

After the biggest locker rooms in Europe, CR7 joins that of Al-Nassr.

I want to retire with dignity. Not in Qatar, USA or Dubai. These words are those of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, spoken in 2015, before he took over the Champions League with Real Madrid between 2016 and 2018.

Eight years later, it is clear that the fivefold Ballon d’Or did not lie, he who joined Saudi Arabia and Al-Nassr for a contract of 200 million euros per season, which runs until in 2025. And this despite numerous proposals for placesfrom Europe, you Brussels, from Australia, the United States and Portugalas he revealed it.

Newcastle rumor denied

Will CR7 hang up his crampons in the land of the Falcons? It is obviously still too early to tell. Because the Zlatan Ibrahimovic jurisprudence exists, and we must not therefore exclude a return of Ronaldo to the highest level. On the other hand, it will probably not be on the side of Newcastle, held by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund. The rumor of a clause allowing him to join the Magpies in the event of qualification for the Champions League has been denied by coach Eddie Howe.

Especially since he wants to return to Europe, Ronaldo will obviously no longer be able to count on the networks of his historic agent Jorge Mendes. Or rather former historical agent, because the divorce between the two men has taken place according to the Portuguese daily Publico. The point of no return came in November, when the native of Funchal gave an explosive interview to Piers Morgan, who coached him from Manchester United. An interview that his representative had opposed.

End clap with his historical agent

Jorge Mendes had been looking for months for an elite team that would accept Cristiano and he knew there was only one: Manchester United. He knew that once this door closed, no other would open, write our colleagues this Wednesday, specifying that it is finally Ricardo Regufe, personal assistant of CR7, who negotiates his arrival in Saudi Arabia. Collecting, by the way, the tidy sum of 30 million euros as a bonus.

Ronaldo therefore seems to have made his choice on his own, like a grown-up. An astonishing choice and already described as a waste, even by his most loyal supporters. Because the man in the always optimal physical form had and still has something to offer at the highest level, records of all fetch and weighted trophies. Like the Europa League, which he could have postponed with the Red Devils this season. Lionel Messi’s historical rival has made another decision. It remains to be seen if he will come back to it in the future…

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Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER