😱 After the World Cup fiasco! The DFB has fallen so low in the world rankings


The German national team is collapsing. The second early end to a World Cup in a row also leaves its mark on FIFA’s official world rankings. According to the latest update, the DFB team is in 14th place there. Even Switzerland and the United States are better than Germany.

Both nations had at least reached the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar. This was rewarded with 13th place for Confederates and 12th place for Americans. Germany was previously eleventh. The new ranking represents the worst position in over a year.

Morocco v Spain Round of 16 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022-1671720730.jpg

World Cup surprise Morocco also edged out the Germans. But that wasn’t quite enough for the top ten. There, Spain still cling desperately to the belief that they belong to the best teams in the world. We are already behind the so-called little neighbor Portugal.

Incidentally, it’s exciting that Italy didn’t make the World Cup, but still can say hello from eighth place. Ahead of them are Croatia, the Netherlands, England and Belgium. However, the quarrels around Kevin De Bruyne seem to be slowly but surely saying goodbye to the international top.


And who is on the podium? Third place goes to vice-world champion France. The new Argentinian champion took second place. But if Lionel Messi and his colleagues are not at the top, then who is?

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This privilege is reserved for Brazil. Although the Seleção were knocked out in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, they defended their top spot in the Fifa World Rankings. Perhaps a small consolation prize for Neymar, who wept bitterly a few weeks ago.

Here is a preview of the new leaderboard.

From a German point of view, this does not sound good at all. Look at the list of women instead. Since Germany is second sovereign.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER