😅 The Schalke of national teams? Here’s how the network reacted to the DFB’s bankruptcy

After 69 years, the German team lost again against Belgium. And whoever has the damage(s) doesn’t have to worry about ridicule. Here are the reactions from the web.

Users have a clear opinion of German performance.

Some also feel reminded of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In fact, Flick is expected to remain the national coach until the European Championships. If not, there would be someone who just had time.

One of them was in great shape against Germany.

Tedesco’s handwriting is already clear.

Bremen’s flair not only with German goals, but also with conceded goals.

Timo Werner, meanwhile, was offside when he scored.

But there were also bright spots.

Other young players also have time until EM 2024 to play in Flick’s field of vision.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER