🔥 Despite the dream goal of 60 meters! Kiel threatens to stumble against Braunschweig

All across the North, people dream of advancement. Not only at HSV and St. Pauli many people are talking about the Bundesliga this year, no, the Kieler Störchen have also started dreaming of the upper house at the latest since the autumn championship.

Despite the north wind and freezing temperatures, the Störche showed from the start of the second division that they were a force to be reckoned with. After a Braunschweig corner, Steven Skrzybski simply pulled the trigger in front of the halfway line and fired over Ron-Thorben Hoffmann’s head from 60 yards to take the lead.

Thanks to this fantastic goal, the Kiel team was currently five points ahead of the Kiezkickers. But Braunschweig came back with goals before and after the break and turned the situation around. Uwe Koschinat’s Braunschweig team, threatened with relegation, could pull off a big blow against the championship leaders.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER