🏆 Next S04 comeback? The Junior Cup final becomes a peat festival

We didn’t just know since yesterday that a lot was going on in this U19 season. The junior Bundesliga final between Mainz and BVB (4:2) last week was a spectacle in itself. The same goes for the DFB Cup final.

After Cologne juniors took a 2-0 first-half lead thanks to a dream goal from captain Meiko Wäschenbach and Damian Downs, S04 really kicked off. Niklas Barthel scored the first goal before the break.

And the squires had tasted blood. Just like the pros last night, youngsters Topp and Meise made it 3-2 within 15 minutes after the break.

When the game threatened to go completely away from FC’s perspective, Arda Süne headed in from nowhere to make it 3-3. 90 minutes have now been played, which means extra time. Who gets the trophy at the end is completely open. But one thing is clear: Watching the juniors is more worthwhile than ever.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER