ᑕ❶ᑐ How much money does your team invest in women’s football? ESPN calls for 25 clubs, but only one level responds

How much money do the main Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) clubs invest in women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé)? On the occasion of International Women’s Day, celebrated around the world on Friday (8), the ESPN He searched for answers – and found few.

Since 2019, the CBF has had an institution that regulates 20 teams participating in the Brazilian Championship and now a women’s team. A development no doubt, but insufficient to reduce budgetary inequalities between men and women.

The 25 clubs are searched by ESPN8 confirmed the exact value or estimate of the budget prepared for the 2024 season. And one of them, the Ceara, a similar announcement of the closure of the category for the privilege of the men’s team. See below lingerie:

  • Railway: 14 million

  • International: 9.5 million

  • America-MG: 5 millions

  • Real Brasilia: 4.5 million

  • Youth: 1.8 million

  • Ceará: 1.4 million

  • Fortaleza: 1.2 million

  • Criciúma: 880 thousand

These values ​​are of course much lower than what is spent on men’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé). An example in this international country, which increases the budget intended for men in the middle 100 million reais from last season to current season. For women, the increase was 1.8 million reais just.

For the rest, there are more unknowns than clear answers. Comment by Atlético-MG, Flamengo e Palm treeswhich published the budgetary projections, but without discriminating the values ​​specific to women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

The São Paulo club, for example, relies on the category according to its own revenues, from the different cells of the men’s team, and the Galo is in the process of restructuring due to the changes planned by the SAF.

Recently the club has a big son with Betano, a main sponsor who now also promotes the brand outside the women’s team. The agreement increases to 18 million reals, but without specifying the amount that will be included in the terms.

In addition to the three, the Santos inform the ESPN work with a budget 593 million reais Monthly on the women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé) payroll, which has 44 salaries. There is also information on the return of the total investment, which will be unlocked in 2024 under the raison d’être of the men’s team in the Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

Already Corinthians, Sao Paulo, Guild, Bahía, Athletico PR, Sports e Red Bull Bragantino You do not report a different number of financial donation details for any other category. Botafogo, cruise e Vasco Guarantee an increase in finances, without detailing values, but also FluminenseAvaí/Kindermann and Vitória did not respond to the report.

The sad note comes from Ceará, which gave up participating in the A2 Series of the Brazilian Championship and participated in the activities of the women’s team. The justification is the “budgetary readjustment” to focus attention on the men’s team, whose main objective this year will be to return to the National elite.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER