🥵 Hottest Teams of the Week: CL Rookie and Championship Mess

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The grand finale, The Final Countdown – (Site notre bureau spécialisé) fans are in the mood. While the champions have already been determined in other leagues, it will be exciting again in Germany. The Bundesliga therefore features twice in our hottest teams of the week.

The victory in Munich and the Champions League showed it: it was a perfect weekend for the Saxons. Then a cold drink. With the 3-1, Leipzig could have ruined Bayern’s championship. BVB like it, but we doubt that Marco Rose’s team can sign the Dortmund city’s golden book.

After the last day of play, the cup final is also approaching. Saxons should therefore be hotter than frying fat. Schalke could also feel that on Saturday. And maybe Leipzig will also intervene in the relegation battle after the championship race and knock down a league club.

Speaking of the Champions League: Not only Leipzig qualified for it, but also a number of other teams. One of them is Newcastle United. The Magpies secured their ticket to first class on Monday with a draw. After 21 years, the Champions League anthem will ring out again in Newcastle. Inevitable goosebumps for fans.

He should also exist with the former Dortmunder Alexander Isak. He runs short and small with Wilson Callum in the Premier League. It wasn’t until Monday that the two didn’t want to score. Did you miss the game? Highlights are in the video here.

Training camp on Malle? A match day before the end of the season? While other teams approached the final week of training very focused, things went a little differently in Darmstadt. After the Uffstiesch, as they say in Hesse, was celebrated on Friday, we went to a Balearic island for regeneration on Sunday. At least that’s what the club said on Twitter.

As a safety measure, a blood alcohol test must be carried out on players before they return to training. So if you win a point on Sunday, the second division cup can stretch into the skies of Fürth.

One team Darmstadt will play against in the upcoming season is Borussia Dortmund. They could be crowned champions this weekend. It would be the first time in ten years that Bayern did not finish the season in first place. That’s why everyone at Dortmund is hotter than hot.

To boil the anticipation of the weekend even more, the black and yellow team announced yesterday the extension of the contract of Mats Hummels. In addition, the jersey of the new season is already visible on the last day of the match. More is not possible!

An ex-Bremer could also soon become champion. Because in Süper Lig, the championship is not yet decided either. But that could change the next day. If Galatasaray wins in Ankaragücü, they will no longer be able to take the lead. There are still two games left, but they already have the three points of the 38th day. Opponents Hatayspor have withdrawn from the Süper Lig.

And ex-Werderan Milot Rashica is likely to qualify as champion for the first time in his career. A title he would certainly like to obtain.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER