🚨 Victory against Rosengård! Bayern with a sovereign victory in the UWCL

Bayern Munich travel to Malmö against FC Rosengård on matchday five of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. While there were chances for the Swedes in the first half, the Munich team eventually won 4:0.

FC Rosengård v FC Bayern Munich 0:4 (0:1)

Despite the sub-zero temperatures, 1,653 spectators came to Malmö’s IP Stadium, including some Munich fans who had traveled with them. FC Rosengård had to make a substitution in goal with Angel Mukasa replacing Teegan Micah between the posts.

In the first half, both clubs had their chances and sometimes showed strong pressure, to launch a direct counter-attack after recovering the ball. It wasn’t until the second half that Bayern Munich took control of the midfield. Around the 30th minute there was a phase of pressure from the gas suppliers using several set pieces, also because the visiting team was not always able to defend corners clearly.

In the end, it was a free kick from the other side that gave FC Bayern Munich the lead. Defender Tainara, this time on the right side, went into the skylight after a corner from Lina Magull (38th).

One of the Swedish side’s most prominent players was former Munich player Olivia Schough. She attempted a free-kick variation in the 43rd minute, but no FC Rosengård player was able to match her low cross.

FC Rosengård’s most dangerous gesture was a shot from Mia Persson into the left corner, Grohs had to stretch but captured the ball without incident (53rd). Shortly after, Lina Magull is injured and must be replaced. Franziska Kett replaces her and receives a yellow card for having pushed the ball away from the first action (57th).

The game was now in the hands of the Bavarians in the second half, Rosengård could hardly take attacking action and goalkeeper Mukasa had to save several times, including a shot from Schüller in the 61st minute.

In the 65th minute, the Swedes goalkeeper couldn’t get near a cross from Klara Bühl, Lohmann followed and dusted the ball 0:2 for Bayern Munich. The 0:3 in the 73rd minute was a perfect example of the now very strong pressing under Alexander Straus, Mukasa past Persson, who couldn’t take the ball perfectly and was immediately put under pressure by three Munich players. Caught off guard in this manner, she lost the ball to Stanway, who took a short walk on goal and converted one of his dangerous shots on third base.

Gina Chmielinski (ex-Turbine Potsdam) replaced FC Rosengård five minutes from time. Rebecca Knaak was on the team but only sat on the bench. In the 90th minute, Julia Landenberger increased the lead to 0:4 with a long-range shot. Mukasa collected the ball but was unable to decisively deflect it.

After FC Barcelona’s 6-2 victory in the last game against Benfica Lisbon, the quarter-finals of the Munich team are certain. Bayern Munich are level on points with Barcelona in second place and will face Benfica at home in the final game of the group stage next week.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER