๐Ÿ™ˆ Rule the chaos again! The team must lose for its Olympic dream

The Irish actually lost their match, but are still not qualified for the Nations League playoffs because the other teams did not provide the expected results. But if you think this is just a simple error in the system, unfortunately we have to tell you: there are more.

Because among the women, there is a team that must lose to realize its Olympic dream. The Netherlands and England are still fighting for victory in the first group of the Nations League. The top two teams can qualify for the Olympics via the Nations League. Who will win in the distance duel? This is actually a fascinating question, but for England it should be an achievable task as they play the Scots. And they absolutely must lose to still have a chance at the Olympics.

At the Olympics, players from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland will compete together under the British flag. So they must hope that England qualify via the Nations League if they want to make the Olympics themselves. Not good conditions for the Netherlands, who need a big victory against Belgium.

And if you can still see through all this chaos of rules, you can also study rocket science.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER