😍 Seasonal hamburger? HSV star shines again in the living room

He’s the man of this season at HSV. László Bénes is still simply unstoppable in his second season at HSV. The Slovak scored his seventh goal of the season against Magdeburg.

In the ninth minute, Hamburger SV made it 1-0. Introduced by Bénes, the ball landed via Glatzel on Pherai, which put Jatta in the spotlight. The speedy Gambia winger shot sharply in front of goal but failed to get the ball past FCM defender Piccini. Instead, Bénes finished in center forward fashion to make it 1-0.

It was the midfielder’s twelfth point on the striker, who has the incredible statistics of a center forward. Things are going well at home for HSV, as the Hanseatic League have won all five of their matches at Volkspark and have not conceded a goal there for nine days. Benes also feels particularly comfortable at home: eight of the twelve scorers came to see him in Hamburg.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER