📸 Crazy goal at 50 meters! Cologne hits the balls around Werder’s ears

The Bundesliga is back after the World Cup break and with it Saturday night’s best ever game. 1. FC Köln met Werder Bremen there today. And despite the cold, the home side were completely at operating temperature early on. After only 38 minutes, the FC led 5-1 against the promoted!

Linton Maina scored the header in the 9th minute after a count. This was preceded by an unsuccessful Bremen free kick. Steffen Tigges extended the lead six pointer laps later. And then after 21 minutes, the ex-Dortmunder still had an incredible stand up his sleeve, which should already be traded as the 2023 Goal of the Year.

Because Tigges hit from about 50 yards. Werder keeper Pavlenka had clarified the need for sliding tackles past Maina, Tigges took heart and sank the ball from distance. What. For. A. horny Box!

And the inhabitants of Cologne? After the goal, they were always in the mood for more. Ellyes Skhiri even scored to make it 4-0 in the 30th minute. Denis Huseinbašić made it 5-0 after 36 minutes! Incomprehensible!

For Werder, the start of the new year was a total disaster. Although Niclas Füllkrug managed to reduce the deficit to 1:5 after 38 minutes, Cologne scored two more goals in the second half. At the end there was a 1:7 from a North German point of view.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER