👀 Days after Schalke transfer: Lasogga scores straight on debut

As if he had never been absent. In the middle of last week, Pierre-Michel Lasogga was presented as a newcomer to the Schalke U23s. The post got a great response from fans and the media. Today the former Bundesliga top scorer scored on his debut for Knappen’s reserves.

In the regional league side’s first try-kick against TSV Havelse, the 31-year-old proved that time without a club after his Qatar adventure hadn’t clouded his goalscoring instincts .

According to « Bild », Lasogga didn’t work much at 30 degrees Celsius – but if it did, then that was smart. Also, as with his goal from a corner, he showed impressive heading power and an overview of ball distribution.

Although he had only been out in a royal blue robe for a few days, he immediately came across as a spokesperson and motivator. A perfectly successful first.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER