🏅 Buli Awards: Explosion danger at FCB & BVB, Hoffenheimer flight

Danger of explosion in Munich and Dortmund and a flying Hoffenheimer: this day still had a lot to offer. As usual, we’re honoring the best, worst and weirdest moments with our Bundesliga awards.

The « God of (Site notre blog d’information) » Award

It’s not uncommon for fans to call the players of their favorite club the ‘gods of (Site notre bureau spécialisé)’. But if the opposing professionals are so titled, even more so. That’s what happened in Union’s home game against Bochum.

Keven Schlotterbeck had to be substituted injured after 15 minutes and received ‘(Site notre blog d’information) God’ chants from Union fans. The same thing happened to Dominique Heintz, who replaced Schlotterbeck. Both have union backgrounds and are apparently always welcome in Köpenick.

The « Never Give Up » Award

After being sent off, it’s not uncommon for the team to completely fall apart when outnumbered. That was not the case with the Stuttgarters on Saturday. And that while they were 0:2 and 2:3 behind.

But the Swabians fought until the end and eventually rewarded themselves with a point. Incidentally, the last time VfB scored three goals in a Bundesliga game when they were shorthanded was in 1980. They also got a point against Borussia back then. It looks like the Westphalians are the Stuttgarters’ favorite opponents in this category.

The « Happy Too Soon » Award

You should never rejoice too soon. Never again. That’s what Youssoufa Moukoko must have thought after yesterday’s game in Stuttgart. While the black and yellow were still the winners in the 90th + 3, the Swabians equalized very late in added time.

Karma caught the BVB youngster quicker than he could have expected. Instead of three points, the draw looked like a loss in the end. Karma is a bitch.

The Kamellen Prize

On 11.11. starts in Cologne every year, insane weather and Shrove Monday, there are camels on parades. In the Bundesliga too, the goats seem to like to share. Because the points were shared with the team from the carnival stronghold of Mainz.

It was the eleventh draw this season. No other Bundesliga team likes to share like Effzeh. And that there was the 11th draw against Mainz of all places is somehow significant. In this sense: Kölle alaaf!

The price of the « powder keg »

DTT doesn’t always have to be explosive. TNT can also be brutally disappointed, surprised or stunned. Tuchel and Terzić, the two head coaches of the worst title contenders, had enriched their own powder keg after the Bundesliga conference and their teams’ surprising loss of points.

According to Terzić, BVB were « brutally disappointed » as they had « missed a huge opportunity », but the seriousness of the situation does not seem to have fully transpired among Bayern stars. « It doesn’t feel like it’s burning! We need another mind quickly, » Tuchel told ‘Sport1’.

The « Smart Flatterman » award

Hoffenheim’s Andrej Kramarić also had some part in the emotional mood in Munich with his direct free-kick goal. The Croatian also drew the foul in advance. Although the fault is a little too high.

Photo for the article:🏅 Buli Awards: Explosion hazard at FCB & BVB, flying at Hoffenheimer

Even the TSG striker admitted that: « It was a bit of a swallow on my part. I don’t need to watch it, » Kramarić said, adding: « I think Thomas knows how (Site notre bureau spécialisé) works. If you feel a little touch in the danger zone, then you know there’s a scoring opportunity. I was smart and smart. I must have fallen. »

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER