🎥 Hairdresser game over: Hernández & Griezmann feel the drip

Just not sure what hairstyle to create next? No problem, we have selected two experts for you. There is Milan star Theo Hernández. The left-back dyed his hair bright pink ahead of the Serie A game against US Leece.

His teammate Olivier Giroud is visibly delighted. You can answer the question of whether he laughs yourself with or on Hernández. Let’s take care of the 2nd style advisor of the day.

It is, of course, none other than Antonie Griezmann. Similar to his French compatriot, the Atlético star player wore a bright pink and refined it with a few pops of white. So: if you are not dazzled after so much radiant hair, be sure to call the hairdresser you trust – attention is guaranteed in any case.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER