🎙 “Team thoughts this season”: BVB comments on the match

The atmosphere at BVB is visibly tense after the draw against FSV Mainz 05. After the match, the players and coaches answered questions from journalists. Here are the voices from the game.

Julien Brandt: “The situation sucks. It’s annoying to take a break like that. It’s an unsatisfying end to an unsatisfying first half of the season. In the first half we had the same problem as in Augsburg. We have a lot of opportunities, but we are not callous enough. In the second half we came out and missed everything we did well. The build-up to the match was hectic, we gave Mainz too much space, left the ball and gave them chances.

Emre Can on ‘Sky’: “It doesn’t always depend on the coach. It has nothing to do with the coach if the ball hits the crossbar. We were unlucky in crucial moments. Crossbar, an offside goal. Everything comes together when things aren’t going well.

Edin Terzic: “It’s a reflection of our team this season. This time we showed both faces in one match. I think we played a great first half. We can lead a lot higher and then we concede 1-1 just before the break and then everything we did very well in the first half, we didn’t do well in the second.

Terzic on his future: “I signed a contract until 2025 and in doing so I documented how much and how long I would like to stay at this club. How long I stay here does not depend on me, but on the management of the club and the results. The results of the last few weeks just haven’t been good, we know that. But we also know what is inside us and that is what we must take to get out of this crisis of results.

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER