ᑕ❶ᑐ Zinho says Vítor Pereira’s Flamengo is « messy and disorganized » and criticizes the work: « He has done so much and done nothing »

The work of Vitor Pereira was strongly contested at the start of the transition from flamenco. In addition to the negative results, rather than the frustrations in it Brazilian Super Cup and no club world cupthe performance of the team and certain choices of the coach are the target of criticism.

channel commentator ESPNZinho called the red-black team « messy and disorganized » with VP and made harsh criticism during the ESPN-FC this Monday (20).

« Flamengo is a mess with Vítor Pereira, it’s a disorganized team. Then, Gerson doesn’t steal the ball, Everton Ribeiro gets tired, Arrascaeta doesn’t score… Because the team is disorganized. If he takes a step back, assemble a tighter squad, bring Everton Ribeiro back, play close to Vidal and Thiago Maia, with Arrascaeta at the tip of that diamond. Flamengo is not a speed player,” he said.

“Gabigol is the youngest, but he doesn’t have a long burst. He has short shots. It’s not that guy in the hallway like Bruno Henrique was, Everton Cebolinha is the ball. The strength of this team is to keep the ball. This is not a team to chase after the opponent. You have to have the ball at your feet to tire yourself less. That’s my opinion,” he added.

In his analysis, Zinho also assessed the options the coach will have when choosing his team in the CONMEBOL Cup Winners Cup.

 » This is the big enigma of the year: what will Vitor Pereira do? He has done so much and done nothing. So it’s hard for me here to be sure what he’s going to do. This early work by Vítor Pereira is not to be trusted. He’s a good coach, but what he did at Flamengo, I don’t know what he’s going to do. I have an opinion on what I think he should do,” he said.

« It’s just a matter of humility and recognition that the team with Dorival was integrated into the midfield playing in a diamond. If he has that humility and takes a step back… Listen, I’m coming and I’m get to know this club, how did this club play as a team? To adapt to Gabigol and Pedro, how should I strengthen the midfield? Everton Ribeiro played big on the right? No, he played near João Gomes and Thiago Maia,” he continued.

« Simple. So my opinion will always be this: if he wants to play with a quartet, plus Gerson and Thiago Maia, I would start with Vidal until he lasts as long as possible. In the other team, there’s a 41- One year old guy playing. Vidal can’t play? Everton Ribeiro can’t play? The guy plays there at 41 because the team is organized, it’s well put together , it’s structured, it plays compactly. And then he runs less, he runs straight, he positions himself without the ball, » he finished.

Flamengo’s next matches

  • Independent Valley (B): Tuesday (21), 9:30 p.m. – CONMEBOL Recopa

  • Botafogo (B): Saturday (25), 6 p.m. – cariocan championship

  • Independent Valley (C): Tuesday (28), 9:30 p.m. – CONMEBOL Recopa

Where to watch Del Valle vs Flamengo?

Independiente del Valle x Flamengo, for the match of all CONMEBOL Recopa, will be broadcast live on ESPN no star +next Tuesday (21), at 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time).

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER