ᑕ❶ᑐ To ESPN, Alisson explains how Liverpool a ‘change’ after being kicked out of Champions League and draws comparisons with rivals: ‘Nobody underestimates’

Keep an eye on the direction of premier leagueOh Liverpool visitor Tottenham this Saturday (30), in a duel for the 7th round, with broadcast by ESPN on Star+at 1:30 p.m. (Brasilia time).

And as far as Alisson is concerned, the Reds will maintain their good streak to finally banish the ghosts that still haunt Anfield. The Brazilian team currently occupies 2nd place in English, with 16 points from six matches, two less than the leader. Manchester City.

In an exclusive interview with ESPNThe goalkeeper spoke about the changes the team is going through after not even securing a place in the Champions League Last season – 5th place in the national championship, qualification for the Europe League.

“When new kids come in, we also change the characters on the team. So we have to work hard to get where we want to get. During the pre-season, we achieved an excellent performance, particularly physical, tactical and technical. This moment is very important for us,” explained the archer.

To the journalist Natalie Gedra, from the Disney channels, Alisson assures that Klopp’s management team is not enthusiastic about the good phase, on the contrary, they are raising the level of demands in search of affirmation.

“Achieving results is extremely important. We must be humble and recognize that they are not past steals like before. But we shouldn’t make too many comparisons either, because it’s a new moment. Your wishes will be at the same level, you will have a team to source on this almost certain battle any opponent. And the results helped to give us confidence,” said the goalkeeper.

The new season has a laissez-faire streak, according to Alisson himself. This exclusion from the Champions League is a difficult injury in the Anfield area.

“It hurts a lot to know you have a great team and not get the results you want. Being excluded from the Champions League and all these things… Now it’s a thing of the past, it’s unfortunate, but the lesson is knowing that every match is important. We must bring out the best in ourselves. We understand it as a team. And knowing that we will have to fight against various adversities, injuries, as we experienced at the beginning of the season. Two matches with morning joy. It makes the team stronger,” the player said.

“We have already lost the competition by one point with the Liverpool jersey, we have already been eliminated from the Champions League by one or two points. (Site notre blog d’information) is decided in detail. Matches against big and small teams are equally important,” he said. added.

The question of knowledge in Liverpool arrives this season « lighter » a moment before the debut as a major force in the search for the title compared to Manchester City and arsenalAlisson guarantees no and explains why.

“I don’t think anyone underestimates our team to the point of not putting them among the favorites at the start of the season. But (some) saw Liverpool as pre-season underdogs, because of the changes, because of the way the teams finished the season. Arsenal are still strong, City, I don’t have the same words to describe what they say. And we started the season very well. We don’t need to get carried away with excitement. to think: “it’s going to work this year”. We have confidence in our quality, game after game, which I think is how we did it when we were champions. This does not take away our responsibility, we are part of a great club,” he concluded.

Where to watch Tottenham vs Liverpool?

Tottenham x Liverpool, in the round of 16 of the Premier League, live stream on ESPN on Star+ this Saturday (30), at 1:30 p.m. (Brasilia time).

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER