ᑕ❶ᑐ Endrick was surprised to be called up to the main team and compared Abel Ferreira and Diniz

During a press conference at Brazilian teamthis Sunday (19), in Granja Comary, the attacker Endrick Admitted to being surprised by the call-up of the coach to the main team of “Canarinho” Fernando Diniz.

Sincerely, the athlete of Palm trees a statement that attention should be given to the training of the Olympic team by the coach Ramon Menezes. However, he ended up being called upon to defend Brazil in 2026 World Cup Qualifiers.

“I’m not coming, but my diet is impossible on my way. I am a very precocious boy, I imagined that (the call-up to the main team) would come later,” said the top scorer, who was “unsure” when asked if he would prefer to be at the Copa America or the Olympic Games next year.

“As far as the Olympics go, this was the closest thing to Endrick…I couldn’t imagine coming to the main event now. The situation is essentially degraded. I came once, I know I have the potential to come back,” he stressed. .

“What matters is Palmeiras, help the team become champions. The future belongs to God, only he knows if I will be in the Copa América and the Olympic Games…” he added.

Asked about the differences and similarities between his two coaches, Endrick heaped praise on Abel Ferreira, of Palmeiras, and Fernando Diniz, of the National team.

“Diniz is an excellent coach. It is a joy to work with joy. There is a small part of my coach (with the national team), the right choice, and my call. He told me to be happy, to dribble, to move forward, to move forward. I lost the ball while running. It put a weight on my back,” he said.

“I thought I should arrive calmly, lighter. Once you hear it, I always feel calmer. I hope he can make our team very proud,” he continued.

“Abel is a phenomenal person. When we enter the field, we transform. The change of ground, sometimes when the speaker is asked, is exceptional. I’m helped a lot, I owe him a lot, part of this call I owe to him,” he thanked.

“Diniz is equally excellent, very extroverted, the good part of the group. I believe this match against the Argentinian will be an excellent performance. This experience has a fair and excellent performance at Fluminense, and is the main champion. I thank God for putting two great coaches in my life,” he concluded.

Endrick made his debut with the main team Last Thursday (16), with a 2-1 defeat in Brazil against Colombia, with elimination.

Your new opportunity to take the field is on (March 21), at 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time), against Argentina, in the 6th round of the Conmebol Eliminators.

Upcoming Matches of the Brazilian team

  • Argentina (C) – 11/21, 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Eliminations for the 2026 World Cup

  • England (F) – 03/23, with confirmation – Friendly

  • Spain (F) – to be confirmed – Friendly

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER