ᑕ❶ᑐ Barbieri sees Santos used to the elite and compares Vasco to a ‘patient in intensive care’: ‘He won’t jump out of bed and run’

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O Vasco lost to Santos 1-0this Sunday (14), in Sao Januario, for the 6th round of the Brasileirao. After the match, coach Mauricio Barbieri spoke of another negative result.

Without winning since the 1st round, Gigante da Colina was unable to enforce the order on the pitch. Asked how much time the team needs to improve, Barbieri was not on the fence. He cited the recent past of Cruzmaltino, who has just been promoted to Serie A, replied that Santos « has been playing in the top flight for a long time » and compared Vasco to an ICU patient who does not jump out of bed and don’t run out. from one day to another. .

“I don’t have to give an exact deadline. In so many matches or so many days or so many weeks. In recent years, when Vasco was dropped, relegations, and it brings a lot of distress to the fans because, the moment he sees a light about the tunnel, because the tunnel was in total darkness, he doesn’t Not so long ago, until a few months ago, Vasco was struggling in Serie B, that’s important”.

“For a patient who is in intensive care, you can’t expect them to jump out of bed and run away, but you can expect them to get back on their feet, go to physiotherapy and leave … and we are in this process. I know the fans don’t want to hear that, I wouldn’t want to say that either right now, a result like that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any wins so far,” Barbier says. .

Speaking of match, Barbieri analyzed the positive aspect of the case and didn’t have to team it with you. According to the coach, Vasco behaved better on the pitch.

“Vasco was infinitely superior to Santos. Santos have never been relegated, they are a team that has long been accustomed to playing in the top flight. We managed to be infinitely superior to them in the field,” the commander said, to complete.

“It’s the result of what we’ve done. What we need to do now is turn that into an end result of the game, in points we’ve been able to compete, swing performance, and I recognize that against great teams but we need more and more Translate that into results. We are on this path, we continue to work, to fight, to do everything in our power. I can’t disappoint my players, no way, I won’t, because they competed, from the first to the last minute. They delivered everything they could, they tried,” he concluded.

Vasco’s next matches

  • Sao Paulo (B) – Saturday (05/20), 6:30 p.m. – Brasileirao

  • Fortaleza (B) – Saturday (05/27), 4 p.m. – Brasileirao

  • flamenco (C) – Domingo (05/06), 6:30 p.m. – Brasileirao

Author: Jacqueline MANNESSIER